Booner Velvet Buck with a Bow!
Жыл бұрын
Nathaniel Evans
Nathaniel Evans 23 сағат бұрын
Not cool!!
Owais D
Owais D 23 сағат бұрын
No we don't hunt animals. Ty
Musviq Babayev
Musviq Babayev 23 сағат бұрын
Этих охотникав нужна так перестреливать
Randy Long
Randy Long 23 сағат бұрын
You owe it a decent death horrible shot
dito landia
dito landia 23 сағат бұрын
Sheni ojaxi movtyan dilamde
Tyler Keith
Tyler Keith Күн бұрын
Okay I hunt but I don't hunt exotic forest cats 😢 these animals are glorious be sad if their was no more mountain lions anymore they make the mountain even cooler with bears and all legendary animals
ruth lancaster
ruth lancaster Күн бұрын
that's very obviously a black bear on his hind legs. I guess some people don't know that bear can walk on their hind legs standing up straight
Slager Outdoors
Slager Outdoors 23 сағат бұрын
Thanks for watching!
Samuel Hunter
Samuel Hunter Күн бұрын
Sound like a 30.30
Jesse Flores
Jesse Flores Күн бұрын
Ppl would say, "great"..because cougars would eat up all the deer and moose like if the majority eat deer and moose or it sells in all the major supermarkets for ppl to buy and consume. There be a time where there's a chance it will become extinct if not at the brink just like other animals that got hunted for trophy
grant solomon
grant solomon Күн бұрын
aren't these animals rare? this just makes me feel outrage.big hero with his dogs,guns and comrades in destruction.
Crave the Harvest Outdoors
Crave the Harvest Outdoors 23 сағат бұрын
Check your facts. Hunting tags are given out every year for hunters to legally take these big cats. The use of dogs is legal too. Just like duck hunting. Educate yourself
Saya orang indonesia merasa sangat sakit hati ! Idiot !
Daniel Күн бұрын
A headshot could have saved 3 of those shots... poor thing was perfectly still looking at you.
Daniel F
Daniel F Күн бұрын
Best ending ever, a little levity after a tense moment……”can you move to the left for me Dave?”
Bill Fee
Bill Fee Күн бұрын
Gun is not o in ,,,, to high , bad shot !
Darrell Roeters
Darrell Roeters Күн бұрын
Gun for deer
windychilakes Күн бұрын
Horrible shots
Stan Loftin
Stan Loftin Күн бұрын
First thing you need to learn is bullet placement. One shot, one kill. 30-06 is plenty for any North American game.
hoosh Күн бұрын
Like pimps that lure their prey, then let them go to live a better day. Hopefully the moose has learned who to avoid.
Eddie Berntsen
Eddie Berntsen Күн бұрын
James Belk
James Belk Күн бұрын
Obviously not the best marksman
Official Karachi Aseel 1.1M
Official Karachi Aseel 1.1M Күн бұрын
Mark Mars
Mark Mars Күн бұрын
Be ready
Mark Mars
Mark Mars Күн бұрын
We are coming to take your family
Gustavo Ferreiro andrade
Gustavo Ferreiro andrade Күн бұрын
Esto debería ver estar prohibido por qué matar un ejemplar así Solo rompemos los equilibrios de los ecosistemas Por qué somos tan animales Cuántos años para que esté animalito llegará a esa edad
Tulunada Treasure
Tulunada Treasure Күн бұрын
Why they kill that.. even they posting on KZhome.. is this permitted.. hoping one more round of corona to clear these viruses
kevin foreman
kevin foreman Күн бұрын
They are such fast targets. Great close quarter scoping.
mohammad imran
mohammad imran Күн бұрын
Please stop no hunting
mohammad imran
mohammad imran Күн бұрын
Do not do this plzz Please 😭😭😭
Uva Barros Channel
Uva Barros Channel Күн бұрын
Precisa ser preso esse elemento
Top Ramen
Top Ramen Күн бұрын
O6 is a classic firearm that I have used for 30 years it's a great caliber that's easy and cheap to find
Scott McCauslin
Scott McCauslin Күн бұрын
certainly would not have shared this. Piss-poor shot placements. And I lived in Ak for a few years!
James Byers
James Byers Күн бұрын
Huge cat.
junedi 1402
junedi 1402 Күн бұрын
kenapa yg indah itu anda singkirkan?
Glen Haynes
Glen Haynes Күн бұрын
Wow.. life don't mean jack to them
chhotu pandey 2.0
chhotu pandey 2.0 Күн бұрын
Please no kill
Hell is waiting for you .....!!!!
Angel Soto
Angel Soto Күн бұрын
Sad for animal 😒🙄
Lion Boys
Lion Boys Күн бұрын
Iblis kalian..biadab
JD Күн бұрын
You're proud of that? I wouldn't let you use a water pistol.
Sergio Mendez
Sergio Mendez Күн бұрын
I actually don't feel bad for this animal he will harm me in a heart beat and enjoy eating me so glad he's gone
Andri Dipa indraputra
Andri Dipa indraputra Күн бұрын
Kau penjahat bejat !
Jagdish Garg
Jagdish Garg Күн бұрын
Why are you killing?
Alvaro Lopez
Alvaro Lopez Күн бұрын
lo único que exiben es el pendejismo de la humanidad
Elmer E Turcios F
Elmer E Turcios F Күн бұрын
esos animalitos no los había de cazar..,El ser Humano destruye su avita y luego ellos tienen que salir a buscar su alimento , donde el ser humano a invadido el de ellos..
Israel Cor
Israel Cor Күн бұрын
hunter son of a bitch, he should hunt the mother who gave birth to him.