Mom Won’t Wakeup!! FAMiLY SLEEPS IN! Morning Makeover from Adley! dad helps us get ready routine

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A for Adley - Learning & Fun

A for Adley - Learning & Fun

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is asleep mom more fun than awake mom?? 😂
HEY EVERYBODY!! So we might have slept in a little bit!! The vlog showed up at our house and knocked on the door and when dad answered he realized that the alarms didn't go off and everyone was still asleep!! He rushed upstairs and frantically told everyone to wake up!! He first came into my room and tried to wake me but I was having great dreams where I was dancing and playing with Bluey!! He couldn't wake me up so he ran over to Niko's room and tried to wake him up but he was having good dreams about dinosaurs! Luckily dad didn't give up and Niko finally awoke!! He asked my brother Niko if he could help him waking me up and Niko was excited to try this new challenge! Niko ran and got the Lava button so he could turn the floor into lava!! That was enough craziness to wake me up and now we had to get mom up!! We ran over to her room and tried to wake her but she was so asleep!! Since she didn't wake up we thought it would be funny if we got her ready for the day! We brushed her teeth, did her makeup, and rolled her downstairs to feed her!! We finally got her to wake up when we brought our baby sister Navey to her!! This was so fun and it's a reminder to now sleep in at our house!!
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Bye vlog pshhhhh

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