In Severodonetsk, Poland's Krab self-propelled howitzer becomes a 'game-changing weapon'.

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The Krab self-propelled artillery from Poland plays a significant role in Severodonetsk, assisting the Ukrainian Army in responding to the Russian side.

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Polish Husaria
Polish Husaria
Yes the praise regarding the Polish AHS Krab 155mm turreted self-propelled tracked and armored howitzer is justified, because the AHS Krab is one of the most modern howitzers in NATO with a standard firing range of 40 km, and even 65 km with the application of M982 EXCALIBUR2 and 80 km with the application of the VULCANO ammunition. However, Poland could not deliver VULCANO ammunition because Poland had only bought this ammunition for testing purposes.
David James
David James 21 күн бұрын
Better than US M-109's from the 1960's. Crews expect to die each time 109's get fired.
Rob Endert
Rob Endert
This video doesn't age very well, isn't it? How many "game changers" were sent to the Ukraine that did not change the game in any shape or form? Severodonetsk fell in just a few days.
Las Am
Las Am
Sehr gut
Polish AHS Krab 155mm a big gay!!!
Great to See this...
Умахан Ольмесов
Умахан Ольмесов
Yea, game is changed👍, and Severodonetsk is not ukrainian now😁
Я только что читал комментарии украинцев 10-месячной давности. Они много жаловались на желание купить польскую артиллерию. Они утверждали, что цена завышена, самоходные орудия устарели (технологии 30-летней давности), а кроме того, у них есть своя, гораздо лучшая артиллерия, и они могут построить еще более лучшую на своих заводах.
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