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This song is about Daniel from the Bible. He is thrown into the lion's den because he chose to practice his faith even though emperor Darius did ban this. In this song we look at this famous Bible passage from the lion's perspective. :)
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Early in the morning I fight the snooze
Then I catch the news:
Our king has made a firm decree to wield
And then he signed and sealed.
Forbade everybody for thirty days
To worship God or praise,
But Daniel won’t stop, he will pray again,
So he’ll end up in our den.
I know Daniel will do
What the king forbade him to.
All of us can hardly wait!
We’ll serve him for lunch in the lions’ clan
Unless God has another plan.
Very troubled was the king by the paper he had signed,
But he couldn’t change his mind.
He was hoping Daniel’s God, who seems to be his friend,
Would save him in the end.
There have never been lions happier in town
When Daniel came down.
We sat our hungry bellies and sniffed around the meat
Ready for the treat.
I knew Daniel would do
What the king forbade him to.
All of us could hardly wait!
Now we’ll serve him for lunch in the lions’ clan
Unless God has another plan.
Daddy lion says a prayer,
We are sitting nice and still,
Mommy tells me: „Clean your plate!”
But, what is happening?
Mister Lion,
Here is God’s command for you.
Daniel was faithful and prayed to God in spite of the king’s decree.
Because of that you are not allowed to touch him.
No harm will be done to Daniel because
God Himself commands that he will be safe and protected.
So, early in the morning when fighting the snooze
I heard some walking shoes-
King Darius himself is here, and we are proud.
„Daniel!” he cried out loud.
He was so amazed the same Daniel he found
Was very safe and sound.
The king took him out and he was finally free
Happy and relieved
I knew Daniel would do
What the king forbade him to:
He kept on worshiping the Lord.
Couldn’t serve him for lunch in the lions’ clan
As God had a saving plan.
All of Daniel’s accusing men
Were thrown away into the den.
So try, throughout the day,
In every single way
To honor God and pray!
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