How Barcelona are building a midfield dynasty (again)

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It’s a new era at Barcelona, and the expectation is exceptionally high. Like the legendary teams of old, can this new crop of players go on to make history? Are we witnessing the start of a new dynasty?
In this in-depth analysis, I take a forensic look at the structure of Barcelona’s new midfield, the roles that exist in Xavi’s system, and how these players are beginning to find balance.
I hope you enjoy!
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0:00 intro
1:41 Introducing XaviBall
4:27 OneFootball
5:09 The Pivot
7:38 The Controller
9:25 The Inside Forward
11:55 The Right Interior
15:33 On movement
16:28 Solving the puzzle
20:59 One big problem
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JCM Ай бұрын
Another advantage of Pedri as right interior is that he also serves as a balance to Dembele, when we have Gavi there it feels more chaotic, but when he has Pedri near it gives more control to that right side, more pausa, and less turnovers.
Johel Cordero Murillo
Johel Cordero Murillo Ай бұрын
Well, also since Pedri is such a good passer and he is able to place really good crosses, and he is also able to dribble and progress with the ball through inside the box, that sometimes can make a center defense or the fullback to hesite and go down to pressure him in order to not give any space, but at the same time create more space on the defese back for Dembélé to exploit with a pass from Pedri or even Koundé, this was precisely seen at the Barca v Real Sociedad Copa del Rey game
Gabriel Barbosa
Gabriel Barbosa Ай бұрын
Very good point never looked at it that way but yeah good point.
Maximillian Ай бұрын
Gotta say youre very spot on. Pedri on the right gives dembele much more freedom and flexibility to try out more stuff. I didn't notice it until you mentioned it. Pedri unleashes dembele's true potential.
Kairi HD
Kairi HD Ай бұрын
yep pedri really calms dembele and makes him think twice about taking on 2 players , which i really like
Football Hipster TV
Football Hipster TV Ай бұрын
As a consistent watcher of this team for over 20+ years.. I have to say that watching this team has me excited again. I go into every game now with calmness believing we will win. Such a massive turnaround from the Koeman years when every game was a toss up. Also I think its amazing that Busquets was the youngster in the previous dynasty and now he's the man ushering the new generation. 15 years in the starting lineup, no major injuries, always there controlling the midfield in good times and bad. One of the clubs best ever servants imo.
Football Hipster TV
Football Hipster TV 3 күн бұрын
@Snuffles Hey fam we're 12 points clear yunno.. how does it feel 😹
Cho Ttomate Kudasai-kun
Cho Ttomate Kudasai-kun 3 күн бұрын
Sadly he didn't got the recognition than the other 3 got in the early 10's. Riquelme once said, he reinvented what a n 5 should be, a n 10 with the defense capacity of a n 5
royal uchenna levi
royal uchenna levi Ай бұрын
@Snuffles what team do u support btw
Adeniyi Lukman
Adeniyi Lukman Ай бұрын
@cirrcuz the most important thing is not conceding goals like you are playing a basketball 🏀 game and 1-0 narrow escape from games🎯 give the 3point. That alone defind how progressive the team is at the moment. Conceding just 7goals in 21 league games come on, don't be a hater
royal uchenna levi
royal uchenna levi Ай бұрын
@Deep Patel Barca don’t really have a CAM tho, and odegaard ain’t better than pedri, who’s the closest thing we have to a CAM
Pedri is the guy we didn’t deserve but needed.
Lolmanepic999 Ай бұрын
@Andrew Lustrinelli balls
*user name*
*user name* Ай бұрын
569th like
kingsley chukwunaru
kingsley chukwunaru Ай бұрын
@Karvhal 👌
Rohan Shukla
Rohan Shukla Ай бұрын
With one of the greatest midfielders as a coach of all time, the future looks so promising for this midfield.
Ebai Mulema
Ebai Mulema 3 сағат бұрын
@Gour Mondal I think there should be age restrictions because of kids like you. Modric is not quantifiable by stats and greater football analysts than you sitting and playing FIFA including Barca greats like Thierry Henry and Cruyff applause modric every time. He’s very good on the ball, has vision , pass , technique and is physically and mentally fit . A ballon d’or ahead of Messi and Ronaldo is justified , and don’t argue because it’s only a World Cup award you are also supporting Messi winning it this year despite not performing in club level as we expect.
Gour Mondal
Gour Mondal 9 күн бұрын
The greatest alongwith iniesta and zidane some dumb people compare modric with this guy modric aint even better than platini zico gullit matthaus pirlo
Juan Manuel Linares
Juan Manuel Linares Ай бұрын
@Jolien Guardiola humiliated Madrid every time, for example 2-6. Now say again that he doesn't know how to stop Real Madrid. Ain't you tired of being ridiculous? OMg.
Jolien Ай бұрын
@Juan Manuel Linares yeah Guariola did that well with Bayern and Man city by getting smashed every time
Juan Manuel Linares
Juan Manuel Linares Ай бұрын
@Jolien who said they aren't? Again, you still don't get my point.
Darth wRath
Darth wRath Ай бұрын
I love how you used chaos for Gavi. It's funny yet so fitting. The dude is mental. With that tongue in cheek innocent face. He's so intense. Every game is a fight for his family's honour. Love it though because we need one Spartan in the team. Pedri is basically Don Andres 2.0 with Xavi's ball control. The close control he has is beautiful. He builds, he creates, he scores. A mixture of midfielder and forward. I would even say he has that Messi-esque thing. Just 1% maybe but mere mortals with 1% of Messi is already something else. Hence Mastermind. De Jong finally found his position in our colours. He is a mixture of a CM and CDM, leaning a bit more to the latter. And with another CDM, our midfield is complete. We have all the needed qualities for a world class midfield. Is it a surprise our midfield got 3x better with one of the GOATs of midfield as the coach? It's not coincidence if you ask me. But honestly, we have a great starting eleven now. Balde is crucial to our right flank. Araujo and Christensen are solid and New Hair MATS? Ze Wall ov Berlin is back! And Kounde is just as good for defense and attack. Dembele is still Dembele. When he has a good game, it's almost magic. Unfortunately he's still a little bit inconsistent. Hopefully I'll be wrong about that. Lewandowski. That's it. You know the name. Now imagine if Raphina, Kessie, Eric Garcia finds their best form. We would be one of Europe's best. Visca Barça. Afters years of crippling depression watching us play, we're slowly climbing back up. One little step at a time. Leo....come on. Come back and have one last dance. I wanna see you drunk surrounded by these young kids and your teammates. Imagine the grand party if he does come back. A man can dream.
leoncio barrera
leoncio barrera Ай бұрын
@notnot nownow you don't have a clue. Both are equally famous. They are the dream club of every upcoming football players. Both teams have won the CL and La Liga so many times.
notnot nownow
notnot nownow Ай бұрын
@leoncio barrera You don't want to listen to what I am saying. If Barcelona wins La Liga and Real wins CL who do you think will be more famous in the world, Barcelona or Real?
leoncio barrera
leoncio barrera Ай бұрын
@Festus Ngochindo i have a feeling that he is really a madrid fanatic😂
leoncio barrera
leoncio barrera Ай бұрын
@notnot nownow Barca currently on top of the league by 8 pts over Madrid & still you are criticising😂
Andres Moraga
Andres Moraga Ай бұрын
I cant explain how much, as a diehard Barcelona and in general Football fan, I love these videos. They represent what Football discussions and knowledge should be all about. Keep up the good work and expect me in further videos down here :)
Snigdha Mishra
Snigdha Mishra Ай бұрын
Agree wholeheartedly ❤️
The Purist Football
The Purist Football Ай бұрын
I’m really glad you’re enjoying :) Thanks for the kind words
Naman Jain
Naman Jain Ай бұрын
We as fans really have seen 2 best mid field combos. Xavi , Iniesta, busquets. Kroos,Modric , casemiro In both most football fans think busquets and casemiro were either carried or were the weakest link and now we see them leaving or going to leave very soon and realise what they were providing was so vital to make these trio to function and one of the hardest to replace. That's somewhat a Beauty of this CDM position that might be the least glamorous but one of the most vital and hardest shoes to fill. When they both leave their respective clubs they will be among the least celebrated but also the most missed player's of our generation.
Richgreat great
Richgreat great Ай бұрын
@Boy_Malau absolutely not
Richgreat great
Richgreat great Ай бұрын
@Ags Silv he is Shuttler.
Ags Silv
Ags Silv Ай бұрын
@omalone11 camavinga isn't a cdm he is more like de jong
Boy_Malau Ай бұрын
@omalone11 Camavinga is Overrated 😆😆
omalone11 Ай бұрын
@youbetu18 camavingha in Madrid is one to watch
Chevaughn Walker
Chevaughn Walker Ай бұрын
There’s no way this video was 24 minutes… felt like 4. 😩 This set up seems very competitive, n I’m looking forward to seeing the players nestle in. Great times ahead!
Jēstêr Ductyl
Jēstêr Ductyl Ай бұрын
Now that busquets i almost done, we are starting to realize his importance in modern Barcelona's era. There's no replacement of Busi...
Harshith Ай бұрын
We don't need to replace him. We need to build a team around the current squad.
Boy_Malau Ай бұрын
@Jēstêr Ductyl No... FDJ is best replacement for Busi......Zubimendi is too expensive for Barca rn Better Barca recalling back Ferran Jutgla from Brugge👍👍 and found other potencial players from academy👍👍
Un Named
Un Named Ай бұрын
Stefan Bajcetic has a lot of similar characteristics
Jēstêr Ductyl
Jēstêr Ductyl Ай бұрын
@Pizza Shark you don't understand. I didn't say rodri is bad. He is one of the best midfielders in the world. But he is not a replacement for busquets. The only player who has kind of similar profile and plays similar to busi is Zubimendi....
Pizza Shark
Pizza Shark Ай бұрын
@Jēstêr Ductyl Rodri is one of the best 6s in the world, and is very similar in profile to Busquets. Guardiola knows his DM pivots, believe me. Having said that, I seriously doubt City would be willing to sell him; Rodri is currently their most important and most consistent player, and has seen more minutes than their goalkeeper this season.
Kelvin Lukindo
Kelvin Lukindo Ай бұрын
Now I see why Xavi doesn't see Jong as a Bous successor. We do need a dm and I feel we either develop Nico or sign Zubimendi
Kelvin Lukindo
Kelvin Lukindo Ай бұрын
@Nawfal Elmouhssine top notch
Kelvin Lukindo
Kelvin Lukindo Ай бұрын
@FunkyTiger69 Just pay 80M to 100M simple and ask him if he wants to come to Man U. Right now he is getting more game time in his preferred role at his preferred club. I don't think he will entertain going to Man U
FunkyTiger69 Ай бұрын
as a united fan give de jong to us we have the perfect #6 for him to partner and he'll be playing under his old coach its way too perfect of an opportunity to pass up ffs
Jesus Ай бұрын
@Kurosouls agreed, really like the 4-2-2-2 formation xavi got going on or even at times a 3-5-2. love that the team can adapt to either of those quick during the game and we have the depth to do it. too bad now that we found the perfect system (so far) that the person who breaks the lines perfectly (busis passes) is already at his age where he can’t play consistently at the top of his game. also I like de jong and hope he stays but we just need someone who will stay back while also being composed and can make passes while he dribbled up the field
Kurosouls Ай бұрын
@Jesus we should really keep him he is amazing we just need a busquets replacement and have dejong on his side i really dont want our club to give a player like dejong away he can teach our young players how to be composed like him
Andi Udo
Andi Udo Ай бұрын
In the right interior, I think Pablo Torre will excel because he's both footed and can receive in the pockets a lot
notnot nownow
notnot nownow Ай бұрын
@Ags Silv That's true but not complete - there are coaches using young players and some that don't. Xavi likes players with experience, he got Pedri, Balde and Gavi already in his team but he doesn't give chances to other players, other than quality you see he prefers players like Cristensen instead of Garcia, even Balde is benched to use Alba while Balde seems to be faster. Look at Fati and Ferran - Xavi can't make them play and to integrate them in the team. What do you mean next season Pablo Torre will get more minutes? He is already 19 years old, good players are getting plenty of minutes/games at 19.
Ags Silv
Ags Silv Ай бұрын
@notnot nownow pablo torre will get more time next season that is a guarantee
Ags Silv
Ags Silv Ай бұрын
@notnot nownow the la masia produces great players but not at that rate the next big prospect is yamal a kid that will prob get some mins next pre season he is a rw and a cb who has already played some mins with the first team the only difference with la masia and other academies is that its players are trained with our style in mind so it is easier for them to fit in the main team and get chances but we don't produce better players we give them a better chance thanks to our system
notnot nownow
notnot nownow Ай бұрын
@Ags Silv Is this the same reason why no kids from La Masia are getting minutes under Xavi? Do you really think next year Pablo Torre will play more and benching De Jong, Pedri or Gavi?
Ags Silv
Ags Silv Ай бұрын
@notnot nownow pablo torre isn't playing as much becouse if this season he plays more than x amount of minutes Barcelona will have to pay more and that is a no no
Samir Grg
Samir Grg Ай бұрын
Gavi is so chaotic man I love it. And pedri is just pure class. While de jong is the perfect balance between these two gems.
Yulia I
Yulia I Ай бұрын
Thank you for great analysis! Like many other Barca fans this shiny new "4 man midfield" composition has me so excited for our future, so I was eagerly awaiting this video. For Pedri, I feel like if anyone could maximize the difficult and vague right interior role, it'd be him. Recently he's been scoring a lot more - Betis (though disallowed), Madrid, and Getafe - and presents himself as another threat in the box when build up comes from the left. Like you said, the left draws so much attention and presence that when counterattacks happen, it's helpful to have someone with good instincts be there to be a goal threat. Also, you mentioned in a video a while back that you'd like to a do a full in-depth analysis of Pedri himself, and I was wondering if that's still something possible. I really love your analyses and Pedri's one of my favorite players, so I'd love you hear your thoughts on him in particular, if there's a certain team composition that suits him best or what distinguishes him from other young midfielders people often compare him to.
Yulia I
Yulia I Ай бұрын
And also adding an idea: though we know most of Barca's buildup is on the left so that's why the Controller role is on that side, is there a possibility of Pedri also taking on that role if they start building from the right? In your Raphinha video you mentioned how there's potential for that to happen, so I'm curious if there's any feasibility to Pedri being the right interior, but being able to also be a controller if we're building from the right. I'm not sure how possible that is haha but the idea of Pedri having that flexibility to maximize his skillset even further is such a tantalizing idea.
Malhar Dave
Malhar Dave Ай бұрын
Pedri absolutely helps us immensely in the advanced role, more than any other midfielder we have. But it's sad to let go of all the amazing long passes we saw from him in his DLP role earlier in the season. The midfield situation is such that Pedri is better than FdJ in both the tempo setting role and the advanced playmaker role, so we need to be careful with the deployments. Mostly, who plays which role will be situational, based on the opponent's tactics we can switch around, and obv there are in-game rotations as well
InnerPeace_memo Ай бұрын
When we consider all the qualities you mentioned, I really wanna see Kimmich in that role. There are not many players who can fit right in, honestly. Even "the destroyer" Casemiro is not so comfortable on the ball comparing to Busquest. Thats why, Real used to have Kroos playing as a deep ball playing midfielder next to Casemiro. Ngolo Kante will become a free agent but i am not sure if he will be the right choice concerning his injury records.
Ags Silv
Ags Silv Ай бұрын
@Pizza Shark Barcelona already know who they want amrabat the one at fiorentina 25 years old a fucking gem already got offeres from utd and chelsea this january window but declined becouse he wants Barcelona that is our man
Pizza Shark
Pizza Shark Ай бұрын
Kante is also barely younger than Busquets. Barcelona should be looking for a long term solution. Clubs simply do not sell world class DMs unless they already have depth there (like Madrid selling Casemiro to Utd), so known elite quantities like Kimmich, Partey, Rodri, Tonali, Tchouameni, etc. probably aren't going to be buying options. I think Brighton's Moises Caicedo could be developed into a solid Busquets replacement, but his signature will also be hotly contested in the summer and therefore expensive.
Chris Ай бұрын
I really hope Kessie gets some time in the new system with the double pivot. Rest Busquets here and there as I feel like Kessie deserves the chance to show what he's got
Ags Silv
Ags Silv Ай бұрын
@Harshith kessie isn't a cdm he is a cm with phisicall pressense same as de jong
Harshith Ай бұрын
He proved his worth against Sevilla. Hope he stats consistent until Busi comes back from injury. If Kessie stay consistent he'll be a key player next season
Jonathan A
Jonathan A Ай бұрын
When the fullback pushes up and the left winger comes inside and the midfielder comes deep, it creates a triangle making it easy to pass between each other when getting pressed by the opposition. It sees like it's a feature of luis enrque's spain team
Jonathan A
Jonathan A 3 күн бұрын
@John-Adrian Coker Sorry for responding a bit late, I didn't get a notification. I think Neymar is one of those players who you can't really replace but at that lw spot the ideal replacement would be kvaratshkelia because he is a playmakinger winger who scores goals but then also has good dribbling and flair to his game. But to get him we would would have to put in a bid of around 95-110 million pounds and would have to sell soe of our wingers and a couple other players for the funds required
John-Adrian Coker
John-Adrian Coker Ай бұрын
Unfortunately, we're lacking in the LW/Inside left-forward department & haven't had an undisputed one since Neymar. We've yet to succeed him & currently the best option to do so is Luis Diaz.
HIM1984 Ай бұрын
Great stuff mate! A nice in depth analysis of the current set-up. All of the players suit their present roles really well. Having the defenders fit especially Kounde and Araujo with their smarts, physicality and speed as part of their defensive prowess has really allowed us to press more aggressively and helped snuff out counters. I'd like to shout our Andreas Christensen... guy has quietly been class. The new system also gets the best out of FdJ while having a lot more mobile bodies around Busi. Mats recovering his best form also adds an air of calm and assurance. Moving forward I'd like to see the club go for a modern Destroyer type DMF that primarily focuses on being a defensive blackhole, simultaneously giving FDJ more of the "technical" duties of the pivot. Barca has to realize that while Busquets has been the perfect pivot his profile is legitimately generational.... seems like it would be wiser to get that stay at home ball winner who covers ground, plugs holes and allows others to do stuff that gets the plaudits majority of times as that profile is arguably easier to get. I can't wait to see the final iteration of Barca. Xavi is slowly figuring out how to optimize what he currently has while working towards his completed vision of Barca.
Simão Marques
Simão Marques Ай бұрын
Xavi wanted to get Bernardo Silva, and I do really think it was to do the Busquets role. They're such unique players that always guarantee you getting out of the pressing because of the great sense of space. Bernardo lacks some physical strength, but the stamina on him is just mad. And he's a chameleon, does any of the roles that you mentioned and more. It would be great, as well, since Bernardo hasn't been getting the minutes that he needs as a central midfielder and wants to play for Barça and Xavi. I'd say that he's one of the most underrated midfielders of this gen, or else he wouldn't be Guardiola's fav. :) Btw, go watch the Bernardo's highlights of Man City vs. Real Madrid 4-3 for champions, just brilliant. 🎩
omalone11 Ай бұрын
Will Thiago take that position ?
Abhinav Samavedula
Abhinav Samavedula Ай бұрын
Wow one of the best videos I've seen from you. Hearing some of the progress we've made and listening to you talk about the future actually gave me chills. The future's so bright. We just have to capitalize on the potential. Great analysis as always.
Atroxozaur Ай бұрын
Absolutely great analyisis! I think the future will depend how Xavi sees football without Busquets. With De Jong, Pedri and Gavi, all being very talented and technical players, i think Barca should go for more of a Casemiro styled CDM, the one who could be a more of a Destroyer, who could learn with time to play passes like the brazilian did for RM. I'm not a fan of Parejo or Zubimendi signings because while they are very busquets-like, they have the same negatives that he has, being rather physically weak, not very athletic and not that reliable on pure defending.
Un Named
Un Named Ай бұрын
Bajcetic is the true busquets successor
Seven9 Ай бұрын
Great analysis. I hope Xavi trusts Nico as much as he does Balde, in terms of replacing Busquets. However this system of play won't be very good for Ansu Fati. I do think playing De Jong, Gavi and Pedri as midfield trio can work though.
Christian Robledo
Christian Robledo Ай бұрын
Nico just wasn’t given the chance, but if he was given the chance like Balde was I think Busquets would have already been on the bench alongside Alba… He’s just so physically fitting for that role and his body movement I feel allows him to be even more destructive in that pivot role. Yes maybe his line breaking passes aren’t there, YET, but his movement off the ball in a defensive position makes up for that plus he has de Jong to add support as a free man! Please Xavi 🙏🏽 Bring Nico back we need him next season!
Howayne Pryce
Howayne Pryce Ай бұрын
Yea I think we might need Nico back in the summer to let him learn how to play the pivot position. Then we can say we have a midfield for the future.
Fils Balanga
Fils Balanga Ай бұрын
Who’s nico ?
Brandon Flexer
Brandon Flexer Ай бұрын
As always, spot on! Would be so much fun to see Bernardo Silva in that “Right Interior” role. Probably the most press resistant player, a bit more chaotic than the likes of Pedri, but being left footed he would add a new range of threats and movements to the role
William Sodonon
William Sodonon Ай бұрын
Guys am i the only one itching for a pure left winger like Neymar? Alba's work was simpler. This new system shows Xavi's quality as a manager. Its also amazing how you break it down for us making it easy to understand. Bernardo Silva was meant to be the right interior. It seems anyone in that role always suffers especially with 3 mids. Hopefully we get him this summer. I like that people understand now why Frenkie doesn't just replace Busquets. One way or another, Barcelona will find its way to the top.
Awad Faddoul
Awad Faddoul Ай бұрын
I honestly really want to see Raphinha in the right interior role with Dembele outside on the right wing. I feel that Raphinha isn't the best at taking on a defender or crossing from the touchline, but he is GREAT at those lofted/looping through balls to teammates making the runs in behind. Maybe it wouldn't work, but it would be great to at least try, maybe against a lesser opponent.
Mike Ай бұрын
Messi in this formation would be phenomenal. If he played where Lewandoski does, he would give so many more options for Xavi.
Ags Silv
Ags Silv Ай бұрын
@Adam Joseph or just make messi press
Adam Joseph
Adam Joseph Ай бұрын
It wont work for him. Then you would have to revamp everything which would just ruin the progress again.
Abhineet Srivastava
Abhineet Srivastava Ай бұрын
System would need a change as Messi does not press a lot and Is not physically a substitute to receive direct balls from MATS when needed. I think messi could best work as an right interior but he would need other players to press for him which is going to create a sort of imbalance, for messi to work we need a solid DM to cover for lapses up front.
Albert Pallas
Albert Pallas Ай бұрын
With this new midfield version, I feel like it will increase the number of good options on the market for the pivot role. The requirements are less now. An athletic elite ball winner will be fine... Which is why I like the fact that they tried to sign Amrabat
Ags Silv
Ags Silv Ай бұрын
Amrabat is class with the ball as well tho the only think he lacks is the long through pass
Rohan Pandey
Rohan Pandey Ай бұрын
I think Busquets should continue for another 1-2 years (perhaps take the Modric route) & we find another experienced DM who would participate against high intensity oppositions. 4-4-2 | 4-2-2-2 really works for barcelona! Gives us more intensity, dominance over the ball, kinda like Arg in WC! The Classico 3-1 game was pure bliss.
Dan Jiang
Dan Jiang Ай бұрын
Super video as always!!!!!! I would love to hear your take on Barca's lack of ability to finish a game. Also to your video, I feel Raphina would be great as the right interior if we have a good rb that can make good overlapping runs. Also, if we get an elite LW, the dynamic will change also.
Victor Mugisha R.
Victor Mugisha R. Ай бұрын
Oh my gosh! I loved it and it's really interesting to watch this and get this amount of information haha!! Let's say that Barcelona is graced again to sign Lionel Messi; can this be a solution to the right interior position or a downgrade to Pedri's game time? For me, I think a little bit of both because if we had a left-footed midfielder who is offensive-minded, then that would be a solution.
Cee Ай бұрын
Messi back at barça for one last dance would be the stuff of dreams but it would still be a short term solution in any case.
unstoppableExodia Ай бұрын
How could Barca not play Messi as the inside forward? It would be bad for Gavi as he’s cementing his role in the team. And Messi would never accept a role as Super Sub
Kairi HD
Kairi HD Ай бұрын
bernardo is the dream
Abdulrahman Jidda
Abdulrahman Jidda Ай бұрын
This is really awesome! Genuinely, wanna see nico back and hopefully learns the role. There's more to come from FDJ, that's clear. Barca shouldn't risk selling him.
art leo
art leo Ай бұрын
Very comprehensive and thorough analysis. All the work put into making this video is worth it. The little captions and the arrows and labels... all of it... so worth it. An excellent video! Not even major sporting channels on tv are this thorough. Who was the Spaniard at ManCity Barca were trying to get for the midfield around the time they got feran? Anyways, thanks again for the effort to include every detail
Pranav Goel
Pranav Goel Ай бұрын
Would love your thoughts on players in world football capable of playing the pivot role in this system post-Busquets
Casual Player
Casual Player Ай бұрын
When you titled it the Destroyer even average football Joe like me knew what it was and it clicked with me easily. Barcelona is a tactic birthplace with player turned coach/manager bringing something new. Only Xavi could bring this new evolution to his own time on the pitch, how successful it will be remains to be seen.
Ali Ebrahim
Ali Ebrahim Ай бұрын
Amazing video with great points, I wanted to play football manager after watching it... I believe after shifting to this formation and style of play, Barca have finally shifted from playing a structured 4-3-3 where each have their positional role and very dependent on individual plays, to where we are now where it is clear that each player understands what to do as a team as explained in the video. Biggest issue for Xavi to solve now, you placed a midfielder on the wing and Dembele is very comfortable in that position, what are you gona do to all the others on the bench? there is no way you can maintain this dominant control of the game with these subs, the only sub you can make is to bring Kessie in for Frankie but only when you need a ball winning midfielder, other than that if you sub any other player with any other player you'll immediately lose control of the match as we have seen on sooo many occasions.
Rita Stevens
Rita Stevens Ай бұрын
My God sir you've done it again!! Another excellent video and breakdown of our formation and tactics. This is what football is about and I love your in-depth analysis of it all. Looking forward to seeing how we grow as a team and of course to watch your videos explaining it all!!
Joel Alex
Joel Alex Ай бұрын
This is the best tactical explanation of our midfield I have seen..Keep up the good work and expecting more from you.👏👏
Omar Beitar
Omar Beitar Ай бұрын
It makes sense why Xavi tried hard to get Bernardo Silva, perfect fit for the “Right Interior” role 10/10 video 👏🏻
Ags Silv
Ags Silv Ай бұрын
Wasn't that his role at monaco?
Pitchfork Studios
Pitchfork Studios Ай бұрын
Finally a video explaining how awesome Bussie is, his multiple roles and how you need a higher understanding to even know what he's doing. Bussie is rated with negative marking as in his rating will mostly be based on the mistakes he makes.
Surprise Sibiya
Surprise Sibiya Ай бұрын
I also think Balde’s improvement attack wise, (final ball decision making) will improve Barca a lot
Arvin Alas
Arvin Alas Ай бұрын
They are truly starting to feel like FC Barcelona again, a dominant, competive, scary team to face who are rock solid defensively too for once, if only they had this backline in the UCL & some good referees
Ismail Nablsi
Ismail Nablsi Ай бұрын
Cant we try Eric Garcia for the pivot role? With time, i think he might fit the role
Paul T
Paul T Ай бұрын
One of busquets' skill is excellent press breaker... please add that...he's one of my favorite and under appreciated players of all time. His Simple passes and feints break so many many lines.
Amine Ай бұрын
Very good video 👍🤝! Btw I find another disadvantage that it won’t work without Lewandowski (a goal machine) upfront. I don’t see anyone in the team capable of getting 20+ goals and that worries me a lot. Every great team Barca had, they had more than one top scorer. I see the attack very weak and I would love to hear your opinion on changing Balde by a LW like Fati/Ferran or even getting someone like Kvara. The defense is very strong specially playing with 3 world class CBs. What do you think about this?
Eric K
Eric K Ай бұрын
wow this is one of the most well composed video about current barca midfield tactics. I am a bit skeptical about Nico in his capability overall but what a video you made!
Kriscur Ай бұрын
Amazing video my friend!!!! For me Sofyan Amrabat from Fiorentina would've been a perfect destroyer, seems like we can't sign him on deadline day and he's leaving to a Premier League club. Other players like Ibrahim Sangaré of PSV, Koné of Mönchengladbach are also interesting players that could fill the 'Destroyer' role in the future!
Moez Ben Dhahbi
Moez Ben Dhahbi Ай бұрын
You forgot to mention that Xavi used this exact same midfield one year ago against Atleti (4-1 at Camp Nou), we witnessed one of the best games with the new Xavi team. Then Xavi did not trust De Jong to play alongside Busquets. I guess he did not trust his abilities to control the tempo, and he was probably right. Thus Pedri played alongside Busquets and the RCM position is more suited to Gavi, for his ability to repeat runs in the half space to support the winger. Moreover the front 3 (Dembélé-Auba-Ferran) was performing well, until Ferran was burnt out in April-May 2022, but Xavi did not choose to replace him. Then this season Xavi tried and insisted too much on front 3 with either Dembélé or Raphinhia as a LW, which was a mistake since none of them is suited for this position. That's why we were playing with a midfield 3 and De Jong mostly on the bench. Now with the emergence of Baldé, this 4 midfield system makes more sense, as the youngster is a more complete full back, able to perform in the whole wing. While Alba has good runs, crosses etc but is limited : does not have the abilities to dribble 1vs1 carry the ball, defend 1vs1... The challenge for this system is going to be the rotations, as we are playing 2 games a week. I hope Kessié and Roberto will step up to give some rests to these 4. As well as Ansu and Ferran to give more options to Xavi against low blocks.
DH Ай бұрын
I hope Nico comes back to us with much improvement. It's really is unfortunate with his injury and missed playing time.
Arkendu Bhattacharya
Arkendu Bhattacharya Ай бұрын
Can you please make a video on the "Busquets replacement" topic, would love to get an in depth analysis on zubimendi and some other options.
Pradel Tchombe
Pradel Tchombe Ай бұрын
Just here to say, what a video man. 💪 shoutout to you. Three edits, info, dissecting to perfection these tactics. You’re insane
Germán von Büren
Germán von Büren Ай бұрын
Really good video 👏👏👏 I love people who understand barça football and can explain it simpler to others. Barça is gonna be the best team in the world soon ❤️💙
Hardned Ай бұрын
What do you think of occasionally playing Raphinha in Balde's place? Balde seems to be a left wing back--a role which, I believe, Raphinha can occupy, especially with his high work-rates. In case we need to overwhelm the oppositions defense, I believe this switch is much needed.
Edson Mawalla
Edson Mawalla Ай бұрын
Impossible because raphinha does not possess balde's speed nor his dribbling
Shyan Dey
Shyan Dey 15 күн бұрын
Dejong - pedri - gavi and Pablo torre . Imagine these midfield with a little bit of experience. Also with rumors of zubimendi and Florian wirtz it will be great midfield.
First Touch
First Touch Ай бұрын
In the game against La Real in Copa del Ray, I sensed more fluidity with Gavi and Pedri exchanging positions. Perhaps it will be an interesting experiment to see if such elements of chaos can solve the problems you pointed out towards the end of the video.
InnerPeace_memo Ай бұрын
Just a wishful thinking, Neymar could have been amazing in that left sided inside forward role.
Ethan Penaranda
Ethan Penaranda Ай бұрын
Although Barca are scoring good goals on big games recently, how important do you think it is for our midfielders to learn how to shoot, especially outside the box?
WillGerardus Ай бұрын
I'm loving this barca team at the moment and learned a lot from your analysis. Thank you! But looking at the games, it raises one question for me. What is the rol for the central striker (Lewandovsky). Is he oly there to occupy the defenders and draw spaces?
Phil Watson
Phil Watson Ай бұрын
Lewa is important in overloading the left half space, he has excellent link up play with interiors with 1-2s or third man runs. As he drops deeper this draws out the backline creating a pocket space in behind. This is how Gavi got in behind the Real Madrid defence in the Super Copa. Once the ball is with the wingers he gets into more classic number 9 positions inside the box for clinical finishing around the penalty area. His goal scoring has been essential to the teams success this season.
Peter Muneme
Peter Muneme Ай бұрын
Could that destroyer role suit Kessié? It's something I'd love to see him try at some point this season
Teukka Ай бұрын
I just feel like his football iq is lacking for that position
Adam Thepaut
Adam Thepaut Ай бұрын
If we want to continue with this formation, we could buy a defensive midfielder. However, to solve also economic problems we could sell ads Jong and buy someone like Ameabat who could be a fantastic fit.
Didier Rodríguez
Didier Rodríguez Ай бұрын
I think Edson Alvarez (Ajax), would be a great player for Barça as a pivot. I think he matches the required skillset perfectly. The guy is tough, and impeccable defending against aerial balls. If you don’t believe me, there’s a channel, Mexico comps, that has videos sorely focused on him for every game he plays.
christian ponce
christian ponce Ай бұрын
I'm curious to know what you think about Nico vs Eric Garcia in that pivot role. Eric's at his best when he's on the ball and he reads position, but he's not as physical of a presence as our other CB's. As much as Zubimendi sounds like a great investment, i'm not sure barca can splash that kind of cash in the summer. That being said i'd prefer to see Nico tried in that position in the preseason. Also, Pedri should make that right interior role his own. One key difference between him and Iniesta is that Iniesta was confident enough to make those forward runs and be a lethal threat. Funny enough Gavi is the only midfielder to have this kind of forward run impulse, though that may be just because he's so aggressive. I think if Pedri were to play some of those forward runs more it would alleviate the need of a player like Gavi to score 15+ goals and instead create a combined effort from the two of them, and I get the feeling they'd stack up 25+ a season. Also, do you think Raphinha, Fati, and Ferran all have contention for a place on this team at this point? They all seem to have their own particular advantages but Raphinha is the only of these three who I see as having a bigger role in the team at the moment given the lack of confidence and form from the other two. As always love your video's! You make the tactical breakdown of the game something I anticipate as much as the games themselves. Keep up the good work!
stonking100 Ай бұрын
Do you think it’s possible that Barca can prioritize their fullback transfer strategy to allow the team to play with a right side overload left side isolation and shift Dembele on the left? Gavi would still be able to cut in on his right foot but Pedri would become more involved. Would that be more beneficial to the dynamics of our midfield square going forward?
Phil Watson
Phil Watson Ай бұрын
The ability to invert attacking via flanks would not allow defenses not to bias towards one side. Balde or Alba would then have to drop if the RB pushed higher and Dembele would have to push inside. This isnt as ideal as Dembele is best in space 1v1. Dembele could switch to the left flank if he becomes more of a goal threat from cutting in that could be beneficial, but it could sacrifice his crossing down the right side. I think this current setup of overloading the left and then switching to Dembele on the right in space works to his strength. Barca may be better to have a more defensive RB than an attacking RB, allowing Dembele to stay wide as true winger than to invert into the half space.
Kirt Connected
Kirt Connected Ай бұрын
Perfectly said about Busquet. Although I want Pedri to better fitted at left and IF Messi comes I think he can occupy Right interior role which will give huge advantage on that side!
juniar Vdaya
juniar Vdaya Ай бұрын
@Biruk Asrat I agree, what messi lack is high press and he is like a strong magnet to everyone. he is not really connected w dembele in the past.but I think xavi can gave solution about it if messi came.
Biruk Asrat
Biruk Asrat Ай бұрын
does this mean messi will actively participate in the press?
suraj p
suraj p Ай бұрын
I think Gavi in the left side as a inside winger is successful mainly because of balde🔥 who is keeping the width just like Xavi's philosophy.
Nedia Letta
Nedia Letta Ай бұрын
I just wish we had a better way to utilize Fati. He seems to be holding back cuz he's scared of getting injured again. Maybe move him as box to box finisher like Haaland or Lewy since he still has his creative instinct and his finishing touch? I dream the day when we can have a La Masia majority again :)
Ags Silv
Ags Silv Ай бұрын
The system doesn't suit him ,he is better when being a regular 1/2 winger but that doesn't exist in this system
juniar Vdaya
juniar Vdaya Ай бұрын
give him time, he still young, we all see dembele long progress.
Giorgos Giannakoudis
Giorgos Giannakoudis Ай бұрын
I think that we will get Carrasco. He suits the left side position a lot, he is great offensively but also defensively. I also think that we will go for Asensio and play him as a right interior or inside forward because he is left-footed and we need a left foot. Originally we would have gone for bernardo silva but that's a dream.
Siddharth Singh
Siddharth Singh Ай бұрын
Well get gundo Or bernardo next season brother
chad lwarence
chad lwarence Ай бұрын
I think kessie could try take over Sergio's role.. seeing that he is there already.. chemistry is more important with such a role.. trying to get someone new will take time to try get it right.. Sergio can give kessie some advice etc...
6secsOfCj Ай бұрын
For fans that know a lot about La Masia, is there any young player that has a similar skillset or qualities to Busquets? I don't particularly like relying on the transfer window to find a "replacement" when we have one of the best youth academies.
Kachope Ceaser
Kachope Ceaser Ай бұрын
I have always been a proponent of this kind of 4:3:3/3:4:3 set-up for the kind of players Barca has at the moment. However, I think we'd do better if Frankie is the pivot, Pedri as the controller, Gavi as the inside forward and raphinha on the right. Frankie has support from Pedri to smell out dangers and Raphinha gives us options on the right like doubling with Dembele against the fullback, or turning inside onto his favourite left foot for varied crosses or curled shots. Raphinha also has defensive attributes that come in handy once ball is lost.
notnot nownow
notnot nownow Ай бұрын
The problem is Xavi is Dembele dependand and against teams with good players that is a problem - look at City vs Arsenal - Pep had the players to stop Saka and Arsenal was done. It will be really interesting to see the games against United cause they have strong and fast players and Gavi will meet his real opponent, Casemiro who will have fun with him or Pedri.
Orhungul Ushahemba
Orhungul Ushahemba Ай бұрын
Nahhh you’re the goat man. Amazing video. Amazing analysis. I knew this was going to be great but it blew me out of the water! Great job
The Purist Football
The Purist Football Ай бұрын
Glad you enjoyed :)
Samm Ай бұрын
In my opinion, Nico is way better positionally than FDJ in the pivot role, but the problem is that he’s even more passive defensively. For me the best suit would be a Palinha, Sangaré or Amrabat type of player. I also would like to watch this system with a left-footer center back, Christensen could be limited on the build up at times Love your videos ❤
Akash M
Akash M Ай бұрын
I don't think Nico is bad than frenkie defensively. He plays as a pivot for U21 Spanish team as well and he is good in his position, the only problem is he hasn't face enough quality opposition to gain experience in that position like busquets. This position requires lot of experience that's why if we can get zubimendi it will be incredible because he is already established at Sociedad and probably one of the best pivot in laliga along with busquets and parejo. Nico doesn't have that mush experience as zubimendi and that means he is immature and if you are immature as a pivot it will be extremely difficult because if he makes a mistake the team will pay for it, but physically and profile wise Nico is for me the best option long-term, even hi passing will improve as he gains more experience. Nico reminds me of a young Rodri.
Teo Alushllari
Teo Alushllari Ай бұрын
Yes idk about palinha much but sangare or amrabat are the only pure pivots that are good defensively in the market rn. We missed out on tchouameni
Tammy Mbangela
Tammy Mbangela Ай бұрын
After watching I am convinced that Zubimendi would be the best replacement for Busi, cause Zubimendi is m more defence that attacking and we already have 3 middle-fielder who can drive forward consistently.
Kurosouls Ай бұрын
we need to love dejong more he is a midfielder of one in a million he does it all,plays for the badge,complete,
Karan Sawant
Karan Sawant Ай бұрын
Alan Varela can really place his name on the table- Excellent passer of the ball Good Control is better physically than Busquets and can find progressive passes
Rohan Nalawade
Rohan Nalawade Ай бұрын
Everytime i see a picture of Araujo,pedri or gavi i cannot help but smile. Witnessing the likes of Coutinho, rakitic (late stage) and marlon(?!) Start in UCL to this is a glow up like no other.
Palemon Hurtado
Palemon Hurtado Ай бұрын
Finding Busquets replacement will be difficult but the natural replacement is Nicolas González. Stinks for him that he just got injured. Ibrahim Sangare is my first choice replacement at the moment.
Nathi Ай бұрын
Next to De Jong, I feel like Ter Stegen has blossomed again the most I have yet to find a video on his transformation - apart from his hair - that was last year & this year
Prince Girish
Prince Girish Ай бұрын
Control, mastermind, chaos this 100% accurate for these 3 young midfielders🔥🔥
Tim Brakefield
Tim Brakefield Ай бұрын
I'm surprised that it has taken Xavi so long to get here. We saw how effective we were last season offensively with a front line of Alba, Ferran/Fati/Gavi, Auba, Pedri, Dembele. A back line of Eric, Araujo, Alves. With Busi and Frenkie in behind. We just basically upgraded this season with the back 4 in terms of athleticism and consistency. Upgraded Auba. Everything else is roughly the same.
Tim Brakefield
Tim Brakefield Ай бұрын
@Alex van den Berg it's not really a bias, I was making this comment at the start of the season.... Sooooo....
Alex van den Berg
Alex van den Berg Ай бұрын
Look up the term 'hindsight bias'
Ayton Bridge
Ayton Bridge Ай бұрын
Amazing analysis well done. You've got a new subscriber 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
Arie Reynaldy
Arie Reynaldy Ай бұрын
i dont think the one that occupies half space are inside forwards. i like it as Mezzala or half-wingers. commonly using their superb ball control, decision making and creativity to play 8 on more advances position but a little bit wide while coordinate with the wide man.
Lucas Collao
Lucas Collao Ай бұрын
Gavi is not "chaos", he's not a wild monkey. He is intensity and pressure
C Ай бұрын
Amazing breakdown, thanks for painting the picture and make it clear for casual fans.
Abdulazim Faizan
Abdulazim Faizan Ай бұрын
Man, this content is amazing. This is my 3rd watch of the week Keep the good work up Really awesome
Luis Pellerano Nadal
Luis Pellerano Nadal 12 күн бұрын
What would you think about Sofyan Amrabat in that pivot role left by Busquets. A natural ball winner and destroyer.
FrostyGhost Ай бұрын
I think Nico GOnzalez is the readymade option, cuz he played as CDM in the academy, or we should go for a destroyer Casemiro style player
Harshvardhan Parmar
Harshvardhan Parmar Ай бұрын
Please make a video about Barca's transfers, discussing the potential players that could fit into this system
notnot nownow
notnot nownow Ай бұрын
@Rohan Nalawade Stop spreading the lies, Laporta can't just buy and buy more player with borrowed funds. If Barcelona doesn't win La Liga and is thrown out from UL by United they will be a financial ruin.
Rohan Nalawade
Rohan Nalawade Ай бұрын
No transfer untill laporta agrees to sell his family to Tebas and la liga as slaves 😭💀
karani Ай бұрын
I now understand Arsenals recent signings since their system is somewhat similar to Xavis
Nizar Soffil
Nizar Soffil Ай бұрын
im agree with your opinion. i think xavi need to give nico more minutes when he come back, he's been good in some game dispite his lack of consistency.
K9父 NEO Ай бұрын
I'd love to see your analysis of Arsenal this season, and Mikel Artetas formula
Jordan Escobar
Jordan Escobar Ай бұрын
This system is quite smart considering Busi is old and doesn't cover the same ground he used to, and Barca have no World class RB. So a 3 CB system is best.
MrLacarts Ай бұрын
I wish my team had the PR these guys have no matter how they perform...
Andi Arman
Andi Arman Ай бұрын
Busquets has been very important to barca for years and now that his age has affected his footballing prowess, we can really see how much it has impact barca’s game 😢
Sorin Ruga
Sorin Ruga Ай бұрын
This really got me thinking, and I have two questions about it. What do you guys think about: 1. How reliant is this system on having a generational striker like Lewa? It feels like sacrificing a winger for a very young Left Inside Forward puts more pressure on Lewa to get involved both in buildup and with goal contributions. His importance to this team really cannot be understated and he'll be as hard to replace as Busqets next season or whenever he leaves/declines. 2. Would you say Odegaard this season works as a very good example of an Right Interior? His role this season is not identical to Pedri's but not disimilar either. Really good video!
notnot nownow
notnot nownow Ай бұрын
You saw the difference in Lewa's performance based on the system - when we play with 2 wide wingers Lewa is very dangerous and scores but when we play with 4 midfielders and only Dembele on the right, no real winger on the left Lewa is average and doesn't scores anymore.
Mateusz Poręba
Mateusz Poręba Ай бұрын
Great content as always. Thank you!!!
Edo8 Ай бұрын
Loved every minute of that video man keep up the great content❤️💙
Tyler Ruano
Tyler Ruano Ай бұрын
My thought on who to play as the inside forward and who to play as the right interior? Rotation. I think Pedri and Gavi can play both roles, and while Gavi is limited a bit more as the right interior, they can always swap within the same match, or Xavi can dictate which plays where based on the strengths and weaknesses of the opponent. Frenkie is clearly only adept at the controller position. Pedri can play all 3. Gavi can play inside forward and right interior fairly well, he also has had some bright moments as the controller but just hasn't played there quite as much.
Prottoy Mobin
Prottoy Mobin Ай бұрын
I wait for your videos...such nicely explained 🖤
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